Jersey’s bus lessons

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A recent trip to Jersey revealed a bus system and terminus of which to be envious.

The fare structure in addition to the usual concessions (all-day fare, period fares and cards) had two price bands – £1.70 until 7pm thence £1.10 no matter the distance/destination.

The St Helier terminal was clean, bright and light with plenty of comfortable seating. There was an information desk at either end, and a cafe.

Toilets were accessed from outside in the covered disembarkation stand area. Single deck bus stands are also undercover at the rear of the building, and access on to the bus was through an automatic door which, when closed, formed part of the wall decoration. Route information was displayed on large screens with the time of the next bus and stand designation within the passenger hall.

Also at each stand access, appropriate information was displayed and constantly updated.

At the bus stops along the routes, it is possible to text a code number which is prominently displayed there to ascertain the time of the next bus at that stop.

The service is run for the government by a private company. Perhaps some deeper thought could be given to our service if the present ex-bus station site is ever developed.


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