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I WAS shocked to read about the plight Helen Foulds is facing by being denied the life-saving drug that could extend her life (Helen denied drug that may extend her life – Examiner, front page, November 1).

It would appear there is a drug available that could give this woman valuable time. Every day is a bonus and precious.

We all pay into the NHS and the news that the Manx government does not have any equivalent to England’s Cancer Drugs Fund, is not acceptable.

I feel the island’s folk should stand together as a community on this and launch a campaign to help Helen.

I think it is pitiful that despite representations made by her consultant, a committee with the power to grant funding for such drugs has turned Mrs Foulds down. I believe our new health minister, David Anderson, should be doing something about this as a matter of urgency.

If necessary he should go across and go to the top and speak to Mr Cameron.

Helen Foulds has highlighted her terrible situation but I am sure other people in the island are suffering in the same way.

They may not want to highlight their illness and may be too ready to accept they cannot have the drugs that could prolong their life.

In my view what is the point of research scientists coming up with breakthroughs in cures for cancer when they are simply too expensive for the man or woman in the street to obtain?

We raise millions every years for cancer research yet no one can afford the drugs.

We hear of ‘postcode lotteries’ in the UK where if you live in a certain part of the country you are less likely to be helped. It would appear that here in the island every postcode is covered – we are all in the same boat.

Unless you are one of the precious few higher end wealthy island residents it would seem the rest of us are having to suffer.

In my opinion it would be a terrible shame if Helen has to uproot herself from her island home to return to the UK in the hope she will receive this life-extending drug.


Leon, Fistard Road, Port St Mary

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