Living off immoral earnings

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We seem to have moved quite quickly from the official promotion of gambling (as distinct from simple tolerance) and empowerment of private debt collection to those sectors supporting public services directly. Unless, that is, your article on the libraries is some mistimed April fool [it wasn’t – Editor].

If we are to be seen abroad in such a sleazy light anyway it will make no further difference to our image if we were to do the job properly.

We milk online gambling without any increased footfall on the island. A brothel, however, would attract revenue from an as yet untapped sector and has the additional benefit that it would be hard to enjoy the member benefits without visiting the island and therefore increasing spending in more conventional areas of the economy.

Unlike gambling, the service(s) provided would be unlikely to lead either the customers or staff into addiction. Erecting the complex close to Noble’s would allow the hospital to take fuller advantage of the proposal.

‘Membership fees’ could be taken at hospital reception and fed directly to the health budget. Any ailments from which members or staff might find themselves suffering could be treated on site without burdening general practitioners and, for members, at extra cost so increasing the ‘take’ further.

I trust that some way could be found to work my senior citizen’s identity card into a discount structure.

David Varley


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