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Open Letter to Members of Tynwald

The fiasco over pre-school facilities has got to end. It has been repeatedly said that Mr Karran’s proposals will result in a social income policy rather than a postcode lottery.

Mr Karran has not taken onboard the concerns and research carried out by Amy Burns.

Also the resignation of the Hon. Dudley Butt MLC from the Education Department is a major loss to it because Mr Butt worked tooth and nail for the welfare of children.

Minister Karran has repeatedly in public and in parliament failed to directly answer direct questions put to him and has rambled and waffled and basically repeated time after time about the need for cuts and that he does not like it, etc, etc.

I and many of the people are sick and tired of having this mantra told to us like a lecture or sermon from the mount.

God only knows what damage is being done to the reputation to our island when investors offshore listen to this via the internet or on the radio to these rants and waffles.

Mr Karran and his party have in effect let their electors down and now he is a minister he is letting this island down with his incoherent rambling.

I am an ordinary mortal low-paid taxpayer being hammered by the Manx government, and others like me are paying for the loss of state revenue while the rich get free.

Nevertheless I urge you, with respect, to rectify this matter over the pre-schools, to the effect the facility is guaranteed by legal right to all children and controlled by the state and not the profiteering private sector. Please try to make your cuts elsewhere.

And please replace the education minister with a person who will coherently answer questions in parliament, saving this island appearing to be run by a bunch of idiots.


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