Manx Independent letters, August 29, 2013

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Take care of yourselves

I would like to blame David Anderson and Noble’s Hospital for the sub-optimal outcome from two of my operations.

The first was an appendix operation which reinfected.And when I should have been discharged, my temperature was heading toward 106 and the incision was then opened up to allow it to drain, leading to another week in hospital.

The second was when I had a micro-vascular decompression when the incision leaked CS fluid (brain), after being discharged from hospital. On this occasion I had to be rushed back in to be stitched back up and spend a week on my back with intravenous antibiotics and a lumbar drain. Not very comfortable, not optimal.

The first operation was performed in Ontario, Canada. The second was performed in the neurosurgery centre of excellence in Walton Hospital, Liverpool.

Oh dear! I cannot blame David Anderson or Noble’s Hospital.

I must now add that I have several relatives and many friends who are entirely satisfied with the care and treatment provided by Noble’s Hospital. Are these a silent majority?

The continuing criticism of the management at Noble’s Hospital is a tinkling bell, like a bee buzzing in my loft, amplified by the Manx media into a perpetual aggravating tinnitus.

A significant proportion of the Manx population fail to take care of our own health.

I support Mr Bell in his comments on the obesity crisis in our young people, as he blames parental neglect.

He failed to add that about one third of the adult population of Mann is at the top end of over weight, if not obese.

The potential consequences of being overweight are: diabetes with all the complications to general health; knee and hip problems; higher rates of cancer; and classic heart problems. Being overweight is caused by lack of exercise, too much car, television, booze and food.

All this personal neglect ends up at the doors of Noble’s Hospital.

Then we can get on to A&E and the weekend binge drinkers queuing up late at night.

We now demand that the NHS fixes just about everything we have inflicted on ourselves, even old age.

This is just not possible. If you want to blame anyone look in your mirror.

Joe O’Hanlon, Address supplied.


Douglas not a ghost town

On BBC 1’s morning [regional news] programme on August 22 a spokesman from Ellan Vannin Line criticised the Steam Packet, accusing them of strangling the Manx economy by their high freight rates.

The statement that one in two shops in Strand Street were closed due to costly freight charges painted a picture to potential visitors to the island that Douglas is a ghost town.

This type of PR shows a complete lack of intelligence and gives no confidence in the management of Ellan Vannin Lines.

There’s an old saying: please ensure brain is in gear before operating your mouth.

I. Wrigley, Onchan


Lost camera

My wife and I visited the Isle of Man from August 13 to 20 and we lost our camera.

We were in Kirk Michael on Monday, August 19, and came back to Peel on the 5c bus which left Kirk Michael at 13.53 – arriving in Peel at around 14.15. We lost the camera somewhere between the Fire Station in Kirk Michael and Peel.

We have contacted the bus company who were very helpful and also the police in Peel – however, so far no one has handed in the camera.

It is a Lumix digital camera. There are photographs in it of a cruise on the Queen Elizabeth to Norway for our 40th wedding anniversary and we would really like to get them back as they are obviously of sentimental value to us.

If any one has any information or can help we would be very grateful.

Robert and Daryl Jameson, 31A Carnreagh, Hillsborough, Co Down BT26 6LJ.

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