Manx Independent letters, July 2, 2015

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Neutral approach to complaints

The conduct of almost all police officers is perfect, often in difficult circumstances, which must be appreciated.

However, as is well known, a small percentage who can be occasionally irresponsible in the course of duty can give the force a bad name.

This can happen in all professions and the police are no exception.

I have seen reported there were over 30,000 complaints of police misconduct in England last year, possibly unjustified. I have not seen statistics for the Isle of Man but I am sure there must be some.

It does not seem acceptable that complaints of misconduct should be dealt with exclusively by the police authority.

It’s inevitable that, as in all professions, there can be cosy relationships. It may be isolated occasions but it can happen.

In my opinion the authority investigating complaints of misconduct should be composed of other relevant authorities – the legal profession as well as the police. It would give the authority much more respect and credibility.

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Appeal for help with life story

I am researching the life of Richard Cowin, who was born in Castletown in 1911.

He worked in a grocery shop in the town before joining the Royal Navy.

He was lost at sea on 2 April 1943 and he is commemorated on the Naval War Memorial in Plymouth, which I have visited.

I have other information about him which I believe is accurate, but I would be interested to hear from anyone who knows anything about Richard, or who is related to him, so that we can share and verify what we have.

All correspondence will be answered.

Manx people who gave their lives in war should not be forgotten.

Lester Maddrell, 70 Bournside Road, Cheltenham, Glos. GL51 3AH

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