Manx Independent letters, June 2, 2016

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Decisions do not consider people

I would like to say to the government MHKs that I thought in this country one had a free choice on items but it appears not so over this MiCard – one has no choice.

The ordeal pensioners will have to go through to get their pensions with this scheme! I think it is disgraceful of the government that they are so uncaring by not considering pensioners.

The pensioners who may forget their MiCard or PIN number wont be able to get their pension and if they at sometime can’t collect their pension themselves and have to allot another person to collect it for them, the collector then has to go through the same procedure all over again.

I know also of two other occasions when the public had no choice – that was when the government decided to put 2 per cent on whatever the cost of the ticket was for a show. The other case of no choice was when the government also decided to put on our rates bills toilet tax, which incidentally has now risen to £100 this year against last year’s £50.

The public are just being railroaded into whatever the government decides to do next whether the public likes it or not.

I am sorry to say that I think this government’s MHKs are becoming like the Nazi regime.

J. Ismay, Onchan.


Rubbish dumped in recycling bin

Shame on the person who knowingly used the ‘tin can’ recycling bin at Ramsey’s Shoprite car park to get rid of rubbish

This disgraceful person discarded plastic bags containing an assortment of general items. Unfortunately, the bin was fairly empty and so a lot of the items were out of reach near the bottom of the bin.

However, I’m an OAP and sadly I couldn’t reach all of the rubbish but, with those items I did reach, I removed and properly disposed of them. I can’t remember all of them but I did remove a plastic electric kettle, electrical wiring, plugs etc, crockery, newspapers on to which paint had soaked/dried into, glass items, plastic plant pots, plastic garden spray, paint tins partly full of dried up old paint, plastic dust pan and other items too. There was even a heavy electric motor! I took this motor out to Bride tip where there is a special bin for electric motor recycling.

This sort of vandalism adds to the cost of recycling because probably this particular skip will now be subject to extra sorting. Also, there is now an ‘availability’ charge imposed on local councils no matter how much/ how little is taken to the incinerator; and this too could be a blow to future recycling?

Sadly, I did not find or see any identification; if I had then I would have named and shamed.

P.Caine, Address supplied.


Channel funds to genuine TT fans

I see the hospitality centre at the TT Grandstand is as imposing as ever. Perhaps a little austerity in the ‘freebies’ there would free up budget to allow some entertainment on the prom for the dedicated fans.

KA Johnson, Grosvenor Road, Douglas.


Protect children from pornography

Making it illegal to openly display tobacco products from July 1 (Independent, May 26) gives me a smidgen of hope that maybe one day the same will apply to all the offensive porn our newsagents also openly displayed. Or will psychological health versus physical health just remain the poor relative forever? Both are researched to be damaging to our citizens and society as a whole. Please MHK’s: take up the mantle for this one too.

Name and address supplied


Manx football is getting boring

Stories in Isle of Man newspapers recently have reported the various triumphs of St George’s FC. So congratulations to them, but I suggest that Manx football is becoming boring in its predictability.

The problem I believe is that at the end of each season, the best few players at the more lowly clubs think to themselves: ‘I’m never going to win anything here, I’m going to try to sign for St George’s (or Peel) next year.’

The result is that these two clubs supply virtually the entire Isle of Man football team and, of course, they are going to win the club prizes.

Come on, lads, spread yourselves around a little and maybe we could have a more balanced Manx Premier League next year with a real battle for the top, instead of St George’s racing away with it from day one.

Clive Alford, Stanley Road, Peel.

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