Manx Independent letters, May 26, 2016

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Liverpool Airport service the worst

The writer of this letter (Liverpool Airport bottom of the heap, Manx Independent letters, May 19) is spot-on about the standard of service provision atLiverpool Airport being abysmal.

I have travelled all over the world in all continents for over 50 years so can speak with some authority on the rating of airports for customer care.

In my view Liverpool is the worst airport I know.

In particular, as a registered disabled person who has had occasion to travel to from Isle of Man to Liverpool for hospital treatment, I can say that the attitude of the personnel who are employed to assist to and from the aircraft is appalling: they clearly do not want to do their jobs, are rude and disobliging, often swearing over their radios at other staff, and think nothing of leaving a wheelchair passenger standing on a freezing, rainy apron for 20 minutes or more instead getting the patient/passenger under cover.

All this while the passenger is feeling unwell and in pain.

They seem totally unconcerned about the needs of the patient/passenger and are most reluctant to take you through the airport to a waiting vehicle in the car park opposite.

The car park for setting down and picking up is a travesty – every driver has to pay £2 just to get out of the car park, even if he does not need to wait there!

There is no stopping anywhere else in the airport vicinity on penalty of a £100 fine.

The owner of the airport seems out to fleece the public to the utmost degree.

Then there is the appalling waiting facilities at the departure gates, lack of seats, lack of heating, lack of information and disinterestedness from staff, and Isle of Man passengers having to co-exist with rowdy crowds of tanked-up passengers bound for jolly weekends in Spain.

It can be a complete nightmare even if you are feeling well, still worse for patients being transferred back home.

I am sorry the writer of the letter did not give his/her name.

Without doubt Liverpool Airport is the worst airport in the world and should be avoided wherever possible.

It needs naming and shaming.

H W Bishop, Mountain View, Ballaugh.


Litterers should be ashamed

I wonder about the people who left so many plastic and glass bottles and cans on the beach beyond the old Traie Fogog baths in Peel.

Would they be ashamed as they saw my husband and me, in our late 60s, as we struggled to clear 10 bags full?

Would they have asked themselves how they came to care so little for our island that they treat it with such contempt?

No, we must have looked very funny as we plodded up and down the steep path; they would probably just laugh.

Jenny Alford, Stanley Road, Peel.


Bishop’s LegCo seat not vital

Re: Bishop’s vote in Tynwald.

If Manx Radio had it right this morning, the Bishop has hinted that England may take the bishopric away from the island if he is not allowed to vote in Tynwald.

Surely the important principle is to have a Christian voice in Tynwald, able to influence 31 votes whether or not he has a 32nd.

Nor should it even have to be an Anglican voice in order to make a Christian case.

The original Bishop of the Western Isles and Mann was, I think, answerable to Trondheim and, if we have to sever a link with York or Canterbury, as the Bishop seems to threaten, I am sure that the Church in Mann will continue to function perfectly well, whether linked with Scotland, Eire or even flourishing independently.

David Moore, Kirk Patrick.


Praise for your public transport

I recently attended the ALBUM public transport conferences on the island.

I much enjoyed my return to the island after a gap of some years.

While on the island before, after and during the conferences, I travelled extensively on all aspects of the public transport system and would like to pay tribute to all the staff concerned.

I found that in every case services were to the highest standards.

As a walker I purchased and used two of the walking guides published by the Footpaths Conservation Group. I found them most useful but would point out that that it might be appropriate to add an addendum pointing out that some paths have been badly damaged since the text was written.

Alan J Price, Norfolk.

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