Manx Independent letters, September 5, 2013

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Time for a change of official?

It is a natural phenomenon that, after years of work, we are reluctant to hand over our life’s labours, believing that we are irreplaceable.

Few realise when the time is right to do so, unless prompted by fellow associates, or those where decisions – or lack of them – affect the day to day lives of others.

John Quayle is clerk to Ballaugh Commissioners and has been for many years doing a good job, but it is now abundantly clear, and has been for some time, that change should be considered.

The records of the commissioners are housed in Mr Quayle’s private residence.

This is totally unsatisfactory, and if required often cannot be located at short notice, either because they are locked in the house, or he cannot be reached.

What if the house caught fire?

Why are the commissioners’ papers not filed in a central office?

This is not a new idea but has been around for years. This type of reorganisation has been required for some time, together with an update of office procedures. Has anyone heard of email, just for a start?

The minutes of monthly commissioners’ meetings should be displayed on the public notice board situated at the shop.

However, in practice there is more often serious delay.

The position of clerk is well remunerated, and the ratepayers deserve a better return on their money. The commissioners should be taking greater responsibility in this widespread disharmony.

This brief appraisal in no way impugns on the character of the incumbent clerk which is not under deliberation. However, it is obvious that matters should not be allowed to continue.

The commissioners themselves moving in ever changing times, and require the necessary adequate support in their deliberations. The details set out are not confidential in any way, and are common knowledge and can be verified.

Nobody wishes to bring this matter up, owing to Ballaugh being a small village, and all wanting to live in peace with their neighbours.

Time to move on Mr Quayle!

Name and address supplied.

Editor’s note: We offered Ballaugh Commissioners the right to reply to the letter but they declined.


Wheel in disrepair

As a local artist who has painted numerous watercolour and acrylic pictures of the Groudle Glen Wheel over the last few years, it was with great disappointment that on a recent visit to the wheel, to see that it has fallen into a serious state of disrepair.

It is indeed in a sorry state. Considering that the wheel is depicted as one of the attractions to visitors on the Isle of Man.

It is realised that funds are naturally low due to the current economic climate.

However, for the sake of a minimal amount of outlay. A facelift and general repair to the building will ensure that one of our natural beauty spots is maintained in order to continue to attract tourists, and assure islanders that their heritage is being maintained.

Des Brookes, Woodbourne Road, Douglas


Potentially a letdown

I’m sure many people, myself included, share the Manx Electric Railway Society’s concerns over the revamp of Laxey station (see story on page 4).

I’d like to quote here from Page 11 of the government’s August e-news – ‘A travel feature in the Guardian newspaper describes the Isle of Man as a land of old-fashioned eccentric charm and mystical mistiness.

‘Reporter Dixe Wills explores the island on a series of vintage trains and trams and is captivated by the beautiful scenery and laid-back locals.’

I expect he would have found the proposed stainless steel furniture and LED lighting at Laxey station something of a let-down, as might someone looking for an authentic film location.

I also have concerns about the World Series TT consultations, which seem to be ongoing.

It is the uniqueness of the Isle of Man’s TT Festival that brings thousands of fans to the Island year upon year and for many it is not the easiest of journeys

I do hope that while the DED is looking at other ‘suitable venues’, it also considers very carefully any negative impact this venture might have on the island’s economy and local business in years to come. Let’s keep our Island special in as many ways as possible please, our future may depend upon it.

Jan Kneen, Cleiy Rhennee, Kirk Michael.


Criminal to jail pot user

I read with sadness and disbelief about the young man who was jailed for having a small amount of cannabis for his personal use.

I realise it was his second offence and that he was still struggling to pay off the previous fine.

But surely to send somebody to prison for such a ridiculously small offfence is criminal in itself?

A prison sentence stops people from emigrating, from doing all sorts of things, getting a better job so I don’t understand why you would send somebody to prison for a second offence of cannabis use.

I was so shocked I decided to do a bit of research as to when and why cannabis was banned.

I must admit to being a bit naive as I didn’t even realise that cannabis and marijuana were the same thing but having read about it I think it is time to lift the ban that should never have been made in the first place. If anything we should ban alcohol.

Alcohol causes far more health and social problems it can make people violent and most of the crimes people commit are under the influence of alcohol.

I hope the young man can appeal against this sentence.

Name and address supplied

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