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ON TUESDAY night I attended the debate on breast cancer. What an eye-opening experience that was!

The personal attacks from Mr Earnshaw MHK towards Mrs Cannell MHK and the Breast Cancer Action Group were horrendous and childish. I wish to clarify some inaccuracies.

Mrs Cannell MHK has not been electioneering. She has been helping breast cancer patients for the last two years. I first approached her in 2009 when I was refused a reconstruction on financial grounds.

She has worked tirelessly to help us. She is not a member of the Action Group, nor did she set it up. We are a large group of breast cancer patients.

Mr Earnshaw MHK made remarks that we were trying to take away the focus from other cancer patients. I have a family member being treated for cancer and I would never condone such action. We are not asking for anything we haven’t already got or have not been promised by the Health Minister Mr Anderson MHK.

The Health Minister and his team have handled this matter terribly. The original job discription and information sheet provided by the minister clearly states ‘We need a general surgeon wo will take part in the general surgical and urology on call Rota 1.4’.

This they have now chosen to forget possibly because Richard Rainsbury, president of the Association of Breast Surgeons, mocked this idea in his e-mail to Mrs Cannell MHK.

The minister and his team also claim that breast cancer figures have peaked on the island and are going to decrease. Well, I wish that were true, but according to Mr Rainsbury evidence indicates that breast cancer figures are set to continue to rise.

Mr Anderson MHK has dropped the urology requirement from the job discription and promised us a general surgeon with an interest in breast who is as qualified as Miss Hamo.

He has also promised us sentinel node biopsy and breast reconstruction just as soon as the new surgeon is in post. There will also be a watch committee of Tynwald set up to ensure that the minister delivers what he has promised.

I wish to thank all of the public who supported us and would like to ask you not to vote for those MHKs who did not support us.

I now hope that Mr Earnshaw MHK will now stop talking dribble and concentrate on the difficult task of keeping his Onchan seat.

The Breast Cancer Action Group will keep going watching developments with interest! Anyone wishing to join can do so by contacting Karen on 488989 or Jules on 484950

We would like to say a big thankyou to Brenda Cannell MHK and also to wish Miss Hamo all the best for the future


Angry Onchan Voter

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