MHKs are car drivers and tend to believe all that they’re told by departmental managers

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Firstly, the fact – ticketing machines do not create income.

Secondly, fact – ticketing machines issue tickets, and all information can be obtained without difficulty about passenger payments and numbers carried out.

Thirdly, fact – London is again being compared with our small island service, and it never ceases to amaze how politicians become involved in seriously considering the Boris Longworth ideas, which never cease to cost large sums of tax payers’ money.

We have yet to see a sensible and cost saving idea coming out from Boris L and the civil servants who were involved in buying the latest ticketing machines and busy buying and selling.

All drivers have told me there is nothing wrong in the use of these machines, and for any fraudulent use of the machines would be even less than thefts from supermarkets, which, like many buses, are equipped with cctv.

Where they are not able to record ticket issuing, very few opportunities arise for more than petty sums to be involved.

As MHKs are unfortunately car drivers, there is still a tendency to believe as gospel all that comes out from departmental management and the civil service in particular.

Please try to use obvious logic when looking at ‘cost savings’, particularly the matter of reducing bus drivers pay. All these apparent ‘needs to replace’ are in the area of £400,000, and yet in the case of ticketing machines being used since the arrival of Mr Longworth, the only ‘needs’ seem to come from management – not the drivers who use them.

Re: Bendy Buses

This letter [Mr Prater included a copy of a letter by John Crittenden, Examiner, November 19] sums up the reality by someone who knows, and perhaps it is time to look beyond those in a department who have admittedly no experience of buying ticketing machines or have experience of costing the island taxpayer considerable sums, having had experience of a private company indebtedness in the Road Traffic Licensing Committee areas of the North West and West Midlands of the UK.



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