Money better being used at home

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WHY are we becoming exercised over Isle of Man Overseas Aid contributions per population ratio to the rest of Europe (Independent, November 4)?

In any charitable giving, or similar, surely you give that which you feel comfortable with or are able to afford. To worry about what the neighbours give is to turn the giving into a social hat peg.

Overseas aid is certainly very laudable and a comfort to that section of society who feel that ‘appearances must be kept up’. However £185,000 to Pakistan (a nuclear power remember) and to what end? Or do we really know who benefited from £85,000 to Zimbabwe?

Might not these monies have been better used at home for those recently awarded a zero percent pay rise, or to help cancer suffers (Examiner November 1), increase NHS dentistry or even repair roads?


Grosvenor Rd, Douglas

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