Must vote with our feet to stop the rot

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CAN you imagine how I felt when I heard on Manx Radio news, that energy prices were set for another price hike?

This is after already being told that we must have cuts in services, and the cost of living continues to go through the roof.

I am appealing to the readers of your publications to please take notice of what I am saying, to remember the following points, and to vote with their feet in September.

In the Isle of Man:

1. We have the most expensive electricity in Europe and possibly the most expensive gas.

2. We enjoy the highest fuel costs in Europe both for heating and vehicles.

3. Our cost of living is also higher than the UK, and will continue going up regardlessly.

4. Our bus service is an absolute shambles.

5. We have the threat of redundancies to our railway staff, which will mean maintenance goes off-island to contractors who don’t understand our rail systems, thus taking money from our coffers.

6. The problems we have had with our health agreement is well documented.

7. We have a plan to charge OAPs for bus travel, which is a disgrace.

8. We have an increase of 5 per cent in local authority housing rents, which affects those least able to afford it.

9. Tenants of newly-built local authority housing had frozen pipes and were left without water this winter – how embarrassing!

I wonder how many other newly-built homes suffered this winter?

With such high heating costs, all new builds should be built to Scandinavian super-insulated standards, reducing the amount of heating fuel and electricity we consume, so reducing costs.

10. We continue to spend vast amounts of money, which we are told we do not have, on projects such as the airport extension, alterations to Richmond Hill, financial support for first-time buyers and the new all-island natural gas line, to name a few.

Finally, if our MHKs had any honour they would all resign en bloc, as they have failed miserably in understanding the people who have to live on a fixed income and who cannot make ends meet any more.

That lack of understanding starts at the top and goes down – living on £50,000 a year they can, and will, have a different outlook, and will have a totally different lifestyle.

I, therefore, urge all voters to vote with their feet and let us have someone in charge who thinks of the public and not of themselves.

Time for change!



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