No killjoy at Easter

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Easter, I think, without reservation, is about Christianity, and many probably feel it’s also about family time.

I took exception to the headline in the entertainment section of the Indie saying ‘pub fun for families’ over Easter.

Firstly, because I feel that the pub is the last bastion where an adult should be able to go that is child-free, and secondly because I believe that adults, booze and children shouldn’t mix.

I’m no killjoy but when adults drink they often get leery, tend to swear a lot and in extreme cases expose body parts.

Would you subject your child to this?

Maybe a beer in the afternoon while the kids play on a climbing frame is not too harmless but to keep kids up so that adults can listen to bands and drink more is definitely in my opinion no place for children, Easter or any other time of the year and should not be promoted.

I know of people who do think this is ok, even take them on pub cruise tours where the bus stops so the men can urinate and children can watch.

Are we saying this is OK for children? Fun at Easter should be about family stuff but it shouldn’t be centred around a pub.


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