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I SUFFERED from breast cancer two years ago and felt so stongly about this matter I joined the Breast Cancer Action Group.

Mr Earnshaw at Tuesday’s debate described the members of the action group as selfish people, which I found utterly offensive and incredibly ignorant, he obviously had no clue about any of us.

Yes, we lost our fight to keep the breast surgeon we already have on the island. Instead we are to have a general surgeon with an interest in breast.

The so-called experts tell as everything is going to be fine and we are going to have an enhanced service. Well I feel like I am an expert in breast cancer having been through two operations, thrown up through half my chemotherapy and cried due to the pain of the second half and then trailed over to Liverpool and endure the humiliation of having to remove my hat at the airport and expose my bald head to prove I was not concealing a weapon followed by day after day of radiotherapy.

I did this with, as much as possible, a smile on my face trying not to allow this hideous disease to impact on my family or friends and I felt incredibly lucky to have had such wonderful treatment from a fantastic caring breast surgeon, wonderful breast nurses, amazing chemo nurses and hospice staff.

Although I am still receiving drugs and will be for the next four years, I hope to survive and therefore I will not require the service again, so this fight was not born out of selfishness but to try to ensure that future sufferers get the same amazing service.

I was also utterly appalled to witness the behaviour and immaturity displayed by some of our MHKs at the debate on Tuesday night.

By contrast Mrs Cannell was amazingly dignified in the way she conducted herself and as a woman I felt totally inspired by the way she kept her composure in the face so many sneering, sniggering men in what appeared to be a little boys’ club.

I would seriously suggest that anybody with a vote goes to see how your MHK conducts himself in that chamber before bestowing your vote upon them in the general election.


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