Only ones upset would be Bin Laden followers

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So, local author Robert Kermeen has been banned by Onchan Commissioners from giving a talk on his new fictional work ‘Osama Bin Laden’s Nemesis’, in the Onchan Library, because they feel that it might upset the village’s Muslim population (Bin Laden talk vetoed, Examiner, May 6).

Are there any Muslims in Onchan?

Do they know what a Muslim looks like? Surely the only Muslims that would get upset would be followers of Osama himself?

Does this mean there’s a secret terrorist cell plotting Allan Bell’s downfall from a basement in Belgravia Road? (Let’s hope so!)

Is The Manx Arms pub a hotbed of fundamentalism?

Or could it possibly be that a bunch of narrow minded village commissioners have overreacted in the worst possible way and made themselves look like complete idiots?

I leave it to you to decide.

Brett McLinden, Hazel Close, Douglas

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