Parenting does need teaching

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IT was heartening to read the article headlined ‘Parenting skills must be taught’ in Monday’s Examiner (May 14).

The trend to medicate children as young as five or six is alarming to say the least.

As with all emotional conditions the issues are best dealt with when the root cause is determined, which, in many cases, is due to the family environment.

Most parents react to situations on automatic pilot, re-enacting what they themselves have experienced even when they know deep down that it is not always the best approach.

Their behaviour comes from a subconscious level and they consciously find it almost impossible to change! So the cycle continues – their children become parents and behave in the same way and so on and so forth.

Our children need care from the wider community; they deserve to grow up without labels and medication. They deserve to be loved, cherished, heard and made to feel safe.

In order to change the trend of labelling and medication, young people need help before they take on the enormous task of childrearing.

So I echo Dr Margot Sunderland, who advocates parenting and relationship skills being put on the school curriculum.

Mary Nathan,


Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic,


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