Pensioners’ interests are not being represented

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I HAVE just been to renew a stolen bus pass and was surprised that the fee to renew one has gone up from £1.50 to £10.

This is because we have got a new system.

I would like to ask what consultation took place amongst senior groups that this hike is acceptable or affordable.

I do appreciate we get free travel but I still think this rise is way over the top at a time when the real value of savings and pensions is falling?

Secondly, I am one of those pensioners having to ‘wait for payment’ in a transition period to attain any cash at all from my promised pension.

I will have to wait two extra years to get any payment – I assume the Manx Government feel I can cope/manage in these difficult times when utilities bills are rising at a rapid pace?

I hope the government enjoy the interest they are getting from my pension provision plan? I smile seeing unions and government workers march about pensions – I’m contributing to all this via my tax!

Finally, I am appalled that the recent consultation has recommended the removal of the retirement supplement.

I realise the committee are people who may have excellent private means of pension plans – the majority of us haven’t!

Is there any organisation on this island lobbying for pensioners or being consulted as we are constantly being squeezed on all fronts on a daily basis? I’m sure there are people sitting around government tables representing pensioners/seniors on the island but I don’t hear of their feedback to us?

Does this tokenism at meetings count?

I’d like your paper to interview some individuals or organisation involved please, if they come forward.

Name and address supplied

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