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HAVING read various comments in the local press concerning wind farms and the predictability of wind, I decided to investigate for myself.

I stumbled upon a website that shows the electricity that is being generated in the UK by wind in real time; it is most revealing. I would suggest that anyone with an interest does the same. Google ‘NETA’ and click on electricity summary page.

It seems that the clever engineers controlling the national grid were almost spot on in their forecast of the power that would be required to meet the demand, whereas their forecast of the amount of power that wind would supply was as much as 100 per cent out.

Bearing in mind the fact that by spreading their wind farms far and wide the UK has attempted to mitigate the variations, imagine how we would fare with ours huddled together on a small island.

I have just checked the site again only to see that the wind output has halved between 11am and noon (February 17).

One hour studying this site left me in no doubt; wind is unreliable and unpredictable.


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