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So the Isle of Man Constabulary lamentably stands indicted for the misdemeanour of dereliction of duty – the charge emanating from a senior member of the judiciary.

A second scathing rebuke from the high court as in as many weeks.

And like the proverbial defendant in an interview scenario the higher echelons of this organisation have indulged themselves in a ‘no comment’ defence.

Perhaps in the light of the manifestation of previous incidents in preceding years senior officers have realised that the use of bland press statements incorporating lame excuses and inferences that ‘procedures are now under review’ has in reality tested the gullibility of the general public too far; this rhetoric having become ad nauseaum.

If all these incidents were not bad enough they are compounded by the fact that two former officers from this force both have petitions lodged with the Court of Human Rights (Strasburg) with regards to allegations of malpractice begs the question whether the local police have lost the capacity to conduct a fair and impartial investigation whereby the prime objective is establishing the ‘truth’ whether it be in favour for the prosecution or the defence.

With recent relation of the infrastructure of supervisory officers within the force of this size notwithstanding the pre-case scrutiny and evidence assessment by the Attorney General’s prosecution department, one is mystified why the investigation subject of His Honour’s comments went as perverse as it did.

Perhaps it is the classic case of too many ‘chiefs’ and not enough ‘experienced Indians’.

Perhaps those officers who are not up to the rigours of practical policing should review their own positions as being untenable.

In the private/commercial sector I know what Sir Alan Sugar would have to say.


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