Ramsey’s Christmas time failure

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I joined in with hundreds of other people from Ramsey on Friday night for the switching on, of the Christmas lights.

Along with my daughter, sister, niece and nephews we thought it would be a good family evening out. It was an absolute disgrace and shambles. There were hundreds of people trying to perch on a pavement outside the town hall, while trying to avoid the cars still entering Parliament Street. So many cars tried to turn into the street but had to reverse back out onto a major road. There were young children, adults with prams all trying to balance on kerb edges while the road was still open to traffic. There were no police to manage the flow of traffic or even volunteer marshals to help with traffic.

There has been a lot of talk in the street, social media etc about how poor the Christmas tree is in Parliament Street and at the old court house, the one in Parliament Square is only half visible because of the huge sponsorship banner around it. There is also a lot of major landscaping, earth moving, piles of soil, security fencing, mud and huge disruption around the old court house at the moment – why oh why did they not just think about resting that area this year – nope there is a little tree stuck in a pile of mud in the middle of a building site! That’s a real crowd pleaser when trying to get people from all over the island to shop in Ramsey! The organisers could have spent the money on a HUGE Parliament Square tree this year – would have looked fantastic.

To Ramsey Town Commissioners, you are elected to represent and look after the people of Ramsey, other organisations such as Ramsey Chamber of Commerce and the like. Why could you not all communicate and realise that with the current state of the economy, general feeling of despondency etc – people need a little magic and imagination at Christmas to cheer them up?

What could have been a lovely evening and indeed focal point in Parliament Square just turned in to a mad, disorganised free-for-all – where thankfully no one was injured. Hang your heads, it was an absolute failure.

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