Read story in disbelief

How glad am I that we live close enough to the three schools in Ramsey that our son can walk to them!

It was with disbelief that I read in today’s Examiner that if given the go ahead, bendy-buses will only be used on school services. I have been on bendy buses around airport aprons and they are not particularly steady things to stand in for short journeys, the thought of (using the figures quoted in the article) between 94 and 101 children having to stand while their bus negotiates junctions, bends and obstructions terrifies me!

On top of that a swaying bus that you cannot sit on just begs for the kids to play about. The driver should be concentrating on the road not looking after giggling kids who think its fun to knock into one another and topple one another over and generally fool about as all kids do!

Will the younger/smaller children have access to handrails/grips, will the drivers be able to monitor their safety, have the drivers been asked for their thoughts on these matters? In the event on an accident and or injury, it will be the driver in the dock.

Even if they are cheaper to buy and run than double-deckers (that we already have, bought and paid for), unless we are planning to charge schoolchildren to travel on them, they will never raise any income. At least double-deckers can be used on chargeable journeys when not on school runs.

It is appalling that they believe that our young should used as guinea pigs. What’s next the elderly and the infirm?

John McDonough



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