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ON June 3 this year a police constable arrived on my doorstep with a string of completely false allegations of theft (of washing, keys, a pram) and other false accusations made by a neighbour.

It has taken five months and 22 days and numerous telephone calls, letters and visits to the police station, to receive a formal letter from the constabulary notifying me that no further action will be taken against me as there is ‘insufficient evidence’ (ie. NO evidence).

During that period my physical and mental health has been greatly affected.

I have put my home on the market and withdrawn from my previously active involvement in various community groups and events.

Your article on page 5 of the Examiner (Dec 20) ‘On bail for 3 months, then case is dropped’ has echoes of my own predicament.

Our Chief Constable triumphed on Manx Radio this morning the Manx Constabulary’s policy of grasping problems at the very start instead of ‘allowing them to fester’. In your article on page 6 of the Examiner of December 20 ‘Crime falls again’, Juan Watterson MHK states: ‘While a major priority for the constabulary is to continue to drive down crime, also at the forefront of their strategy is the need to enhance the quality of investigations in order to meet the stringent requirements of the justice system.....’

My faith in and respect for the Isle of Man Constabulary has hit rock bottom. It will be interesting to see what 2012 brings.

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