Self examination is bad idea

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MAY I a pensioner myself, say how disgusted I was to think that our health ministers would put our elderly people to having to test their own stools specimen (Bowel cancer screening call, Examiner, February 22).

Surely if they had any signs of symptoms of this they would go to their clinic, where qualified doctors and nurses are there to do it for them.

You say the way the tests work may put some people off participating.

Count me as one of them, it won’t change my way of thinking.

Do not send me a kit with my postman. Imagine the poor postie having to deliver all these kits. I bet he will get some stick from his mates.

Oh, and they won’t even be analysed on our island at our own hospital. No, sent away to Rugby. I dread to think what would happen if some got lost in transit.

Just glad to get this disgusting plan off my chest.



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