Steam Packet incident has made me nervous

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I WONDER if I am the only person to admit to being really nervous to travel on the Ben-my-Chree after the incident on August 28, 2011?

I was travelling on the Ben-my-Chree from Heysham to Douglas.

It was about 4pm I was sitting comfortably enjoying a coffee and reading a magazine when suddenly the emergency alarm sounded, a voice came over the Tannoy telling all passengers to go to their emergency stations, then we were all told to go to Deck 7 – then the crew told us to stay seated and we would be kept informed. I have never been so scared in all my life.

No one panicked outwardly, but hands up I was panicking inside.

I was traumatized for two days, after finding out there had been a fire in the kitchen, and also overhearing conversations such as repairs that should have been done to the boat had not as yet been done. They talked about whatever it was being broken and having to be worked by using a stick. This added to my trauma. I have booked to travel to Heysham on December 19. I know the Ben-my-Chree is going in for repairs – but are all repairs going to be done at that time or just enough to keep it going for a while longer?

I have to commend the crew for the way in which they handled the situation.


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