Steam Packet’s website isn’t as user-friendly as it used to be

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I have just visited the Isle of Man to visit relatives. When I wished to book again for September the Steam Packet website had changed and I found it not as user-friendly as the old one.

On the old website all your options were available on one page for the dates required and it was easy to change days and therefore compare prices for different days and sailings and you had the option of seeing at first glance the alternatives.

Why did it have to change? The new website is a backward step in my opinion and will put people off booking.

It also seems to me that the new website has been an opportunity for the Steam Packet to increase prices.

It was expensive before the fare increases and I feel the new rates will deter people from visiting the island, which is a shame.

At one time you could book up to a day beforehand with no increase in fares. If you suddenly have to visit the island at the last minute, i.e. through illness or bereavement, you get ripped off

Also, children used to be half price but now their fares are just short of an adult. Family friendly – no, not one bit.

I have been to-ing and fro-ing since I was a child and I have never been so disgusted with the way the Steam Packet are treating the public when either visiting relatives or as tourists.

It will serve the Steam Packet right if they have a great decline in passenger numbers. I, for one, will certainly think twice, which is a shame as I do not see enough of my family who live in the island.

It would be appreciated if you could convey my thoughts to the Steam Packet and hopefully one day they will see sense.

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