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Juan Turner’s attempt to introduce legislation giving some rights to unmarried fathers (Independent, last week) is a step in the right direction to redressing some of the imbalances in parental rights, regardless of his own personal circumstances.

Yes, there are plenty of fathers who don’t want to be involved with their children, that’s their loss and unfortunately leaves a gap in the child’s life.

But the dads who do want to have a meaningful role in their children’s lives should be applauded, not castigated.

As far as I’m aware, Mr Turner isn’t talking about the nightmare of playing tug-of-war over access that can develop between parents who aren’t together, he’s trying to establish some basic rights for unmarried fathers such as involvement in the child’s school life, which can be as simple as being copied in on school news and events, and medical treatment.

How could anybody object to this?

The largely negative kneejerk reaction to his proposal just goes to show how emotive this whole issue is. Being excluded from their child’s life is heartbreaking for decent fathers.

It’s about time it is addressed.

A mother

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