Students: We don’t want to lose our playing grounds when road is built

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I’m a student at QEII High School, and I’m writing on behalf of the Student Council to express our concerns about proposed plans to construct a road running from Ballawattleworth housing estate to the Douglas Road, cutting through our school playing field en route.

As I’m sure your readers will appreciate, QEII losing a valuable resource like our playing fields would damage the sense of community that QEII is famous for. In the words of one of my peers: ‘The fields of QEII are a credit to the community, and without them the high level of sporting talent that we have would go to waste. Imagine fielding sports day next year... without a field?!’

We feel that losing our playing fields would alienate QEII from the community, as many local sports groups make use of the facilities.

Sport is also an integral part of the curriculum, and is a source of great pride for students, staff, and the local community.

To take this resource away from young people would be going against the whole purpose of our education system – the Department of Education and Children say they aim to create ‘highly skilled, creative learners’, and at QEII we feel that a vital part of any education are the skills learned during sport; teamwork, a sense of justice, and lessons about good health.

Therefore, we are very strongly against plans to concrete our valuable playing field.


QEII Student Council

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