Thank you, Bill, for your work in helping me to get drug on NHS

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We wish to express our thanks to Bill Henderson MHK for all his help over the past two and half years over the battle we have en countedd with the Manx Health Service for the funding of cancer drug Sutent (Sunitinib) to control my stage 4 Pancreatic cancer.

Last week Mr Henderson and Mr Houghton took our case to the sitting of the House of Keys which we followed on the radio.

We were shocked to put it mildly at the reception they got from the sitting members of the House of Keys to our case.

As we have stated we have battled for funding for this drug for over 2 years and have been turned down so we came to Tynwald.

When Mr. Henderson prodcued letters from our clinical Professor from the Liverpool Royal Hospital (who are world leaders in this type of rare cancer) they did not have the courtesy to read the letters, they claimed that it should not be debated, but what avenues do we have left if the Health Minister Mr. Anderson keeps on refusing to help us (We thought that Tynwald was for the people.)

Mr. Anderson keeps on saying this is the end of life drug, we have just been to the Liverpool Royal this week and again the experts say that with the help of this drug my life expectancy could be extended by 5-10 years. We have asked Mr. Anderson and the Clinical board for their help and been refused. This Wednesday the Professor has written to Mr. Anderson and the Clinical Board again stating the clinical benefit of the drug and its not an end of life drug. It controls my cancer.

We were brought up to work hard and pay your dues, and you will b ok, now after doing just that, 22yrs in the Army and then 20yrs in the Education here in the Isle of Man (I am Manx born and bred) I find I need help from the Manx Government, where is it, we always thought charity began at home, though charity is not what we are looking for, I need this pill desperately if I do not have this pill, then the Manx Government by refusing to help me have tightened the noose around my neck, surely it is against my human rights. We ask Mr Anderson and Mr Butt of the clinical board to please look again at your decision to refuse funding of this pill which has been proven to extend life expectancy by 5-10yrs, please help us. Also a big thank you to Brenda Cannell, who was the only other MHK to support us, and thank you again Bill & John.



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