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I refer to the letter from Mr B N Osborn which appeared in the Examiner of May 29 regarding airport parking charges.

When reviewing car park charges for 2012, and following customer feedback, we took the decision to move to a car park product more in keeping with expectations regarding airports in general, ie short stay and long stay car park options.

Mr Osborne is correct about the increase for a five-day stay regarding old and short stay tariff, however customers can also park at Ronaldsway for five days at £28.50 (+11.7 per cent) in either of the long stay car parks (which is less than annual inflationary rate over the period since the last tariff change).

Comparisons were not made with charges at Blackpool Airport, as it only has very few commercial flights a day.

However comparisons with other airports were made in late 2011 (i.e. those which had previously been highlighted by the Which? Report) and, compared with Liverpool, Belfast International and Bristol, our new short stay day price was cheaper by over £10 on the first day.

Regarding long stay, Belfast was cheaper than ours by 50 pence, provided it was pre-booked (i.e. money up front) and required a bus transfer. Others were significantly more expensive than our new long stay tariff and all required pre-booking, with the exception of Liverpool, which involves a significant walk, and all require a bus transfer.

The car parks at Ronaldsway are all located close to the terminal – none of them are long distances away from the terminal or require a bus transfer unlike almost all long term car parks at other airports, and in some cases, even some short term car parks.

Naturally there has to be some differential between long stay and short stay, so for those who wish to park with the convenience of being a little nearer to the terminal, there is a modest increase above the new long stay charges.

We want to offer car parking for reasonable prices, and also provide facilities to enable the picking up and dropping off passengers at your local regional airport with ease. Therefore, we resolutely decided to keep the first hour free, which I am sure, must be fairly rare in comparison to any UK commercial airport and moved the (one hour free) disc zone adjacent to the terminal building making parking easier.

Ann Reynolds

Airport Director

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