The Chief Minister should take action today

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HOW refreshing it was to read the Open Letter that Professor Davidson wrote to our Chief Minister (Examiner July 5, 2011) and how appropriate the date on which you printed it.

I think Professor Davidson has put forward a well-reasoned and clearly-presented case which I hope our politicians can understand and take action upon. I particularly enjoyed the fact that he has put forward suggestions for action.

Too many people criticise the government but do not propose how to do anything to improve the situation.

However, in this case perhaps Professor Davidson has put too many suggestions for action with the days of getting no action on any because of disagreement on small parts of one of the actions.

Luckily (or cleverly) his first suggested action answers my concerns.

The Chief Minister should take action today – that is, tell the UK government that we are withdrawing from all VAT negotiations until we have a new, more representative Manx government in place and having had time to think without worrying about elections.



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