The hidden charges on our airlines

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I have just booked, on line, a return Flybe flight to Manchester for next October/November and these are the details of the fare calculation:


Fare £1.86, Taxes and charges £30.70, Seats £6, Bags £12.99

RETURN: Fare £1.86, Taxes and charges £ 31.57, Seats £6, Bags £12.99

TOTAL: £91.97. Includes fuel recovery of £6

PLUS transaction charge of £9 and a credit card supplement of £1 means a grand total of £113.97 for two air fare tickets costing £1.86 and £1.86 each!

Sadly, I made an error in my booking due to the allocation of seating being not clear – well, not clear to me.

I thought that when the form said that a particular seat had been allocated to me and asked if I accepted the seat and not choose another one then that was it. Travelling on my own was unimportant as to where the seat was, especially on a short journey.


By accepting it this meant I was accepting their reserved seat and not taking a chance when checking in as to where my seat would be, so an extra, and unnecessary, additional charge of £12 – £6 each way – had to be paid because later on they state that refunds are not allowed. My fault but very misleading.

Is this not all crazy? Low-cost airline?

Heavens knows how much it would be if I had booked nearer the time.



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