We owe them all thanks

WHAT a thankless person Mike Teare (Mona’s Queen memorial expense, Examiner, last week) is to object at the cost of the Dunkirk Memorial.

If these men had not made the ultimate sacrifice, he would, in all probability, be now cowering under the mighty Jackboot.

My uncle was one of those men on that ship, three of his brothers-in-law were dodging bullets on the shore from the same Jackbooters when she blew up. Including my father.

Children were being shipped to all areas of England for safety.

Adults were dodging bombs

Of course they could have all said, ‘Blow this and the next generation, let’s fill the boats and sail to the Irish Free State, or go to Switzerland.

‘Let them have England.

‘They have got our whole Army crowded on the beaches of Dunkirk. Think of the cost of feeding them all, if we do get them back.

‘Think of the cost to the tax payers and rate payers.’

Thankfully, that generation of both Manx, English, Welsh and Scottish people did not scarper.

The likes of Mr Teare, who I doubt has ever made a sacrifice in his life, should be reminded there are no pockets in shrouds. Shame on you Mr Teare.

Mrs SM Stembridge



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