We would regret it if we lost them

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I think that it would be a terrible shame if you axed the trams as it is my life.

The horse trams made an influence on my life when I was a small child and has made me think that I want to have a life with horses.

All of the horses are super cute and nice.

I think that you should think about maybe making it go under new management.

It is one of the many great things about the island and if you turned it into anything else it would not work, this is mainly because people love the thrill of seeing the majestic creatures and the pure excitement of the ride. It is original and unique.

I feel very deeply about this as when people come for the TT. They want to see the motorbikes, all of the main sites and the trams.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for people from other countries on a visit as they might not have those facilities and also, just think about all of the high-tech new things coming into the world.

Wouldn’t it be good to keep some of the old things running? It would be original and nice? I mean, when we are older we could look back and say, ‘the Isle of Man is surely one great place’.


Aged 11,

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