What idiot allowed this to happen?

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I was horrified to see the picture of the Mannin Hotel in the Examiner of October 1 and to realise what the building that it is proposed to demolish looks like. I was even more disturbed to read Peter Kelly’s heartfelt regret at losing such an iconic building.

It seems that these days to register a building in order to protect it means nothing at all. Why bother to have a register of so-called protected buildings at all, if they can be de-registered at will by the DoI. They should have stayed with the original plan to keep the facade, no matter what ‘persuasion’ was used to get the authorities to change it. It cannot be that difficult to build behind a strengthened facade.

The article does not show an artist’s impression of the building that is going to replace the Mannin Hotel but I very much doubt if it will sit right with the beautiful buildings next door. Too often we see beautiful architecture spoilt or lost in the middle of some of the unlovely and unsuitable buildings we see these days. We should be justly proud of our heritage and protect it rigourously. Once such a blatant mistake is made, it cannot be undone.

R. Scott


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