What’s the point of it?

I would like to ask what is Douglas Town Square actually used for? It’s always empty of anything and quite an eyesore – not even any nice planting or, as a reader suggests, somewhere to sit.

I think I have only ever seen it used as an ice rink at Christmas – which was a good idea – but that seems to have gone too.

Most squares in town centres across at least have a market. Even when the foreign traders came – for some reason weren’t allowed to use the square. I would have thought it would be ideal for them and not annoying the shops by being in front of them.

Even some music would help to listen to or one of those fountains like Liverpool has in a square that jets water up on a programme for children (and adults) to try to avoid getting wet! There are always crowds round it watching the fun!

Come on Douglas – give us something to justify its existence – it’s in a prime position after all.

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