Why weren’t we allowed inside Tower of Refuge?

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My daughter and I went to the Tower of Refuge walk on Douglas sea front on Friday. We looked forward to it all week.

We’d never done it before even though she was born on the island and I’ve been here for most of my life.

We didn’t mind the cold and the wind, or the massive queue, or getting our feet wet, or the slippy smelly seaweed, or postponing our tea, or even how the organisers had put identical flags next to two sets of steps knowing you could only go down one set thus confusing us.

What we did mind however was when we willingly went through all that for the end result of going inside the tower i.e. the very reason for going - and weren’t allowed in.

Apparently if you were part of some elite three-legged race you were given a privileged peek round. The three legs irony just made it worse.

So trudging back the way we all came went the grumbling tummies, fed up faces, and crying toddlers expecting to go in the ‘castle’ wondering why we had bothered.

It certainly wasn’t mentioned on the walk site that you wouldn’t be allowed in, so if this event continues I suggest some honesty so that people can make their minds up whether it’s worth it or not before they go.

It wasn’t, and the organisers should be ashamed of themselves for that very obvious devious omission. Very disappointing.

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