Approval for 144 Dandara homes given

The view from Dandara's worksite where 144 homes will be built with the cemetery in the distance

The view from Dandara's worksite where 144 homes will be built with the cemetery in the distance

Developer Dandara has received planning permission to build 144 more houses in Peel, between Poortown Road and Queen Elizabeth II High School, east of Reayrt Ny Cronk.

The plan for the new houses has caused controversy in the past with Peel Commissioners lodging an appeal and one commissioner, Ian Davison, calling it the ‘rape and pillage of Peel’.

Commissioners chairman, Ray Harmer, says that they will now discuss whether to put in another appeal at their next board meeting tonight (Tuesday).

Mr Davison said: ‘My only concerns are that more houses are being built in Peel, however the infrastructure is still years behind and is not keeping pace with the number of new residents coming to Peel.

‘No sewage treatment in place until possibly 2020, week and two-week waits to see a doctor, schools nearing full capacity, and cuts to the three main services, health, education and policing, do we really think Peel cope with any more houses?

‘They are apparently using the two QEll school fields as part of their open spaces requirement for the development to proceed.

‘The Reayrt ny Cronk development might have been successful.

‘However the way the estate is laid out, with a higgledy piggledy mix and match of properties, in my opinion looks a mess, and lacks the thought that went into Ballawattleworth.

‘The few extra swings is the only thing Peel has got from this developer besides a huge grass cutting bill.’

A Dandara spokesman said: ‘The planning authority has granted approval to the scheme on a site adjoining the successful Reayrt ny Cronk development.

‘It will include a wide mix of dwelling types, including affordable housing, as well as several areas of public open space and an extension to the existing children’s playground in Reayrt ny Cronk.

‘We undertook extensive consultation with interested parties prior to the submission of the application, including with officers of the Department of Education who raised no objection to the scheme.’

According to government census figures, Peel’s population rose from 3,785 in 2001 to 5,093 in 2011.

The number of pupils at the QEII in 2004 was 849 and had only risen to 855 by the start of the 2013/14 academic year.

A spokesman for the Department of Education said: ‘The substantial house-building programme that began in Peel in around 2002 has had only a gradual, rather than dramatic, impact on the number of students attending Queen Elizabeth II High School, and this has been mitigated by the school enforcing catchment regulations.

‘The school is able to predict rolls several years ahead because of the number of pupils coming through its partner primary schools.

‘There are occasionally “spikes”, but these are partly down to the birth rate, and the school can plan for these well in advance.’




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