4G like ‘3G on steroids’ says Sure

Andy Bridson

Andy Bridson

Sure has completely upgraded its Isle of Man network paving the way for the installation of its 4G network early next year.

Andy Bridson, chief executive officer at Sure said: ‘We continue to invest heavily in the Isle of Man.

‘We have been instrumental in providing value into the telecoms market and we will continue to deliver new technologies in both consumer and business markets that provide customers with quality, reliability, value and speed.’

A number of operators in countries across the world, including the UK, have begun rolling out 4G networks and the feedback has been positive, says Sure.

The business claims accessing the internet via mobile devices is set to become a great deal faster and more convenient with the launch of Sure’s 4G service in the second quarter of 2014.

The key advantage of 4G is that it offers data speeds many times faster than existing 2G and 3G networks.

Sure says: ‘In fact 4G will provide the replacement technology that the world has been waiting for, a service for the home that provides high speed broadband and mobile, without the need to pay for a home phone line. 4G data performance will be the same or better than home broadband speeds.’

In a statement Sure say that over the next six months there will be a significant shift in technology which will see 4G being like 3G ‘on steroids’, and to allow the island to gain maximum advantage, Sure is upgrading its entire network.

A spokesman said: ‘This provides the first genuine opportunity for wireless mobile speeds to overtake landline speeds and is happening in a world where data and access to the internet, at high speed, is becoming a basic expectation.

Mr Bridson said: ‘Many of us already use our mobile devices for accessing the internet, but 4G is set to revolutionise the ease and speed woith which we can access all types of media.’

Sure’s news comes as Manx Telecom continue to move towards 4G.

Last month Business News reported Manx Telecom is linking up with global firm Huawei as it invests £10 million in 4G over the next three years. In addition to building the network’s infrastructure, Huawei will also supply the latest 4G devices enabling customers to take advantage of super-fast services with increased mobile broadband speeds several times faster than current 3G services.

Huawei will also update Manx Telecom’s 2G & 3G networks to the latest generation technology, improving performance across the entire mobile network.

Mike Dee, Manx Telecom chief executive officer said: ‘Building a 4G network is a significant undertaking in terms of both investment and engineering.

‘Over the next three years we will invest £10million in 4G and we are very excited to announce our partnership with Huawei. ‘


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