Alex aims to make a good account of his new business

Alex Townell

Alex Townell

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Chartered accountant Alex Townell believes he is fulfilling a need with his new company.

ATIOM Corporate Consultants Limited has been launched in the Isle of Man.

Alex, of Groudle View, Onchan said it is an accountancy and finance consultancy firm designed to provide flexible and bespoke accountancy assistance and solutions to corporates and their senior management teams.

ATIOM stands for Alex Townell Isle of Man. He says he has vast experience in accountancy, mergers and acquisitions, and banking.


Mr Townell, founder and managing director, told Business News: ‘I moved to the Isle of Man five years ago and since making it my home, have seen an opportunity to assist corporate senior management.

‘Unlike a traditional accountancy firm, we like to work in-house, collaborating with senior management on specific projects/assignments in order to help them achieve their goals.

‘Since arriving in the Isle of Man I have worked with many companies and feel that some are not getting the right advice nor have adequate financial knowledge to make the correct corporate decisions.

‘One option is our ATIOM Freelance contracts which are flexible and can be tailored to your needs.

‘Some businesses can’t afford the costs of full time financial support or infrastructure and in these circumstances ATIOM can help by providing the benefit of freelance financial controller/director assistance.

‘Clients get all the benefits without the fixed costs. We add value by working closely with them throughout the year and thus have a deep understanding of their business, enabling us to assist them with growth/cost saving strategies.

‘Our aim is also to build upon our client relationships so that they come back to us again and again.

‘Other benefits of ATIOM Freelance are that there are no middle men and clients are speaking directly to the team that can complete the job.


‘Our fees are transparent and, of course, there are no associated mark ups, sick leave, holiday pay etc.

‘The client pays to get the job done- no hidden extras. It is as simple as that.’

Alex added: ‘In the current climate, we notice companies are extremely busy but due to budget constraints, can’t necessarily resource adequately and when staff are off sick, on holiday etc. there may be significant negative implications.

‘ATIOM can provide help in these situations.’

Alex was brought up in Montrose, Scotland and moved to London for University at University college London.

He trained as an accountant in London, before moving to the Isle of Man.

At present he has an office in his house in Onchan and does a lot of work either at clients’ offices or from his office.

He said: ‘I do aspire to one day have an office in Douglas and employ people. I would like to get to the stage where I am employing people.’

On a personal level, his wife Caroline’s granddad moved to the Isle of Man 50 years ago and ‘thus we have uncles, aunties and cousins here in the Isle of Man. My wife’s parents met here and got married here. I also have two young children, Oliver and Zoe.’

He told Business News: ‘To give you a further idea of the work I have been involved in to date, I have been involved with a number of clients. I have assisted a client with a local acquisition, in-house accountancy support to the MD, assisted a company bring their payroll in-house which was currently outsourced and thus significant cost savings.’

ATIOM Corporate Consultants Limited is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales Practice Assurance Scheme.

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