Building confidence in business boardrooms

Generating confidence in the boardroom

Generating confidence in the boardroom

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‘THINKING differently can help change behaviour and lead to better results; Feeling differently can change behaviour more and lead to even better results.’

In their book ‘Our Iceberg is Melting’ John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber use this comment in their guidance on leading change but the comment is just as valid when related to the board room and the Director’s role in leading a company to a sustainable long term future.

Success in a fast moving global market place is better achieved by the effective use of diversity of thinking and feeling in key decision making.

So why is it that so many boards are still made up of like minded individuals? Is it a board’s fear of being out of the comfort zone; a desire to drive through decisions easily; being uncomfortable with conflict; or is it that the power of the board is in the hands of a few and they want to keep it that way?

On February 28, the Institute of Directors is running a one-day course on the value of diversity on the board and how individual directors can use their diversity of thinking and feeling to add power to the board they sit on.

‘Effective directorship – fulfilling your role on the Board’ is aimed at recently appointed directors, directors in waiting, or those who feel they lack self-confidence in the board room. It will be fully participative and will enable attendees to

l Consider processes that contribute to board effectiveness;

l Reflect on their own strengths and how to effectively use them;

l Explore real issues with peers;

l Build networks with fellow directors.

Ann Clayton, course tutor, said: ‘I have been delivering on the island an IoD course ‘Women as Highly Effective Directors’ which is designed for a totally female audience.

‘It focuses on the fact that women often lack self-confidence in the board room and provides guidance on how they can identify and use their strengths to become more effective directors in what is still a predominantly male environment.

‘It is interesting that the local branch of the IoD has had some males argue that they have a number of the same issues and feel that they are struggling to be heard in testosterone dominated board rooms.

‘As a result the course has been adapted to look at the overall value of diversity of thinking and feeling and how individual directors can use their skills to get their voice heard in the board room.’

For further details about the course contact Ann Clayton on 470162 or

Places are limited and there is a significant ‘early bird’ discount for bookings made and paid for by February 8 so early booking is recommended.

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