Business friendly flights to Belfast City Airport

George Best airport

George Best airport

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A NEW timetable of ‘business friendly’ flights from the Isle of Man to Belfast City Airport, offering a convenient link to Heathrow, is being launched in September by

With up to five flights daily, starting from 7.30 in the morning most weekdays, travellers can arrive in Belfast as early as 8.05am – from where one of BMI’s six daily flights to Heathrow departs at 8.50am.

Tickets for George Best airport

Tickets for George Best airport

The last flight back to the island from Belfast will now depart at 7pm daily, with the new timings designed to help business travellers optimise their working day and give them a full day in the city. Belfast city centre has undergone considerable expansion and regeneration in recent years and is now a thriving business centre as well as a mecca for shopping, entertainment and great dining. Passenger numbers from the island to Belfast City Airport have increased significantly this year.

Chairman of, Noel Hayes, said: ‘The new timetable will be convenient for both business and leisure travellers, allowing for a full day in Belfast with the last return flight scheduled to leave at 7pm. The early flight should also open up a range of new onward travel options, the most significant of which is to London’s Heathrow Airport. Also, with our “bring your flight forward for free on the day” policy, you’re assured of getting home at the earliest opportunity if you finish early.’

Minister for the Department of Economic Development, Allan Bell, said: ‘Belfast is an important business centre and these new timings will help to maintain and grow our links with the city, both for Isle of Man businesses looking to Ireland for expansion and for Irish businesses considering the Isle of Man.

‘Easy, frequent and convenient access helps reinforce the island’s status as a great place to do business. We welcome this enhancement to’s services and their continued support for tourism.’

Katy Best, marketing and commercial director at Belfast City Airport, said: ‘We are delighted that Manx2 have enhanced the route from the Isle of Man to Belfast adding greater flexibility and more convenient flying times, which will certainly appeal to our growing business passenger base.’

The new timetable has also attracted praise from Kenny Marshall, store manager at Marks & Spencer’s branch in the Isle of Man, who said: ‘We need access to Belfast on a regular basis and these new extended timings will be of huge benefit to our Isle of Man staff - a very welcome addition from to help us get the most out of our business day in Belfast.’

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