Daniel puts the focus on ‘combat’ photography

Daniel Hadman

Daniel Hadman

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‘I WANT to evoke a documentary memory,’ says budding combat photographer Daniel Hadman on his official website.

Douglas-born Daniel only started the site around six weeks ago and has already gained more than 3,000 fans on its Facebook section.

Daniel, 27, said: ‘It’s been a crazy experience, the amount of interest there has been in my work.’

‘I am surprised how popular my website has become in just a few weeks and it has even crashed a few times. The amount of feedback in the last three weeks has blown me away.’

He said some international magazines have also been showing an interest in his photographs and he has sold several prints to people who have seen them on his website.

He is hoping that what began as a hobby might develop into serious business.

Daniel said most of his realistic looking pictures have been taken in the island and he has been out with two re-enactment groups based here.

These are the Manx Airsoft Club and the Isle of Man Home Guard Re-enactment Society

Airsoft is a military style war-game, where players run around a private site, completing missions and engaging in combat using Airsoft weapons (or BB-guns as they are commonly known).

Daniel said: ‘It’s like a war simulation game, they don’t use real bullets but pellets. It still hurts when they hit you. I’ve taken part in a few games with them but I run around with my camera and try not to get shot.’

Daniel was only two when his parents Ian and Julie Hedman emigrated to New Zealand. He grew up in a place called Thames before they moved to the Waikato region of the country.

‘I’ve been back here in the island for about two years, there’s a great bunch of people here.’ Daniel said he loves travelling and has backpacked to many places.

‘I’ve been in a few hairy moments in developing countries. It was insane in Egypt just after the riots. Anything could happen to you there, it was an odd feeling.’

‘Travelling has been mostly just backpacking. I just land somewhere and just do it. Most of the time I go on one way tickets which is interesting. I got stuck in Amsterdam airport for six nights, it was a disaster and it was not comfortable at all.’

Armed with his trusty Canon 550D camera Daniel said he was delighted to have sold a number of prints of his work.

On his website he says: ‘I have a great interest in armed conflict and life in war-torn areas. One of my main goals will be to explore and reflect the human condition.

He added: ‘After 27 years and a life of travelling, I have witnessed many great and amazing things.’

Daniel, who lives off Broadway in Douglas, said his life could go a number of ways in the next few months. He said he is hoping to join the forces and says he has a final interview planned with the Royal Marines at the end of January. Otherwise he may try to pursue his photographic interest by trying to join a magazine.

He says a number of publications in places including America have already shown an interest.

Daniel said he is determined to succeed.

Among his other interests he has played guitar for a Manx group called Our Final Hour but says he has now left to pursue his other interests.

Daniel’s social media site: www.facebook.com/DanielHadmanPhotography

His official site: danielhadman.com

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