Dressing for success!

Business fashion shoot at Tynwald Mills St Johns. Details in the report

Business fashion shoot at Tynwald Mills St Johns. Details in the report

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Julie Blackburn popped to Tynwald Mills to look at what young professionals might wear to work

Not so long ago, you knew what you had to wear at work.

Looking good for work

Looking good for work

For a man it was a suit, navy or grey non-negotiable, and for a woman it was some sort of female equivalent that implied that she was just as much of a contender.

But things have changed - and in a most confusing manner.

Because, while it is no longer de rigeur for male professionals to wear a traditional suit and tie combo to work these days, a number of large UK high street retailers are reporting that sales of suits are on the rise.

So clearly people are still wearing suits because they want to, not just because they have to.

Dress to impress

Dress to impress

So, is life simpler with a less rigid dress code or does adding a little choice make it a bit scarier, a bit more – dare we say it – like the sartorial minefield women have always had to negotiate?

Basically you want to look smart but not as though you have tried too hard, so how is this apparently effortless ideal achieved?

We went to visit Tynwald Mills to take a look at what young professionals might be wearing to work these days.

We took with us Ali Champion Clark, who has recently qualified as an accountant, and his wife, Claire, who is an HR manager.

Step out for success

Step out for success

For Ali’s outfits we teamed Hackett suits and casual jackets with one of Tynwald Mills’ new arrivals, Thomas Pink shirts and ties.

When it came to dressing Claire we went to another new range, Warehouse, a big UK brand new to the island which launched at Tynwald Mills last weekend.

The results are smart, but relaxed, with a look that will take you happily through your day at work and even onwards for a cheeky cocktail afterwards.

First picture, Ali wears: Casual jacket in charcoal, £450, Hackett; blue shirt Thomas Pink, £79; trousers, £120, Tommy Hilfiger; belt, £45; shoes, £120, Jones Bootmaker

Claire wears: sparkle tweed dress, £55, with soft faux leather jacket, £55, and semi-precious pendant necklace. £20, all Warehouse; black patent shoes, £65.95, Moda in Pelle

Second picture, Ali wears: Blazer and trousers, £545, Hackett; shirt, 3115, tie, £69, pocket square, £35; shoes, £89, Jones Bootmaker

Claire wears: Black faux leather skirt, £39; blush pink top, £42, both Warehouse; shoes as before.

Third picture, Left, Ali wears: Trousers, £120, Tommy Hilfiger, shirt, £115, Thomas Pink; shoes, £120, Jones Bootmaker

Claire wears: Sparkle tweed skirt, £39; cream jersey top with chiffon sleeves, £9; handbag, £25; black jet bracelet, £12; rose gold colour necklace, £16, all Warehouse

Last picture Right, Ali wears: Jacket, £400, Hackett; trousers, £120, and belt, £42, both Tommy Hilfiger; shirt, £115, and tie £69, both Thomas Pink; shoes £120, Jones Bootmaker

Claire wears: Jacquard dress, £55, with navy coat, £85, both Warehouse; shoes, £65.95, Moda in Pelle

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