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Fifteen drivers have achieved certificates from St John’s Ambulance in emergency first aid and assisting disabled passengers.

Two one-day courses this month, part-funded by the Road Transport Licensing Committee (RTLC) and run by St John Ambulance, offered emergency training to public passenger vehicle operators such as taxi drivers.

As well as issuing a certificate in basic first aid, emergency procedures and health and safety, St John Ambulance adapted their training to offer a certificate in the care of disabled passengers, showing the correct use of ramps and tail lifts for wheelchair-bound passengers and how to improve their journeys through communication and consideration.


Liz McMahon, administrative officer for the RTLC, an independent government body, said: ‘We’d previously used a UK provider and we wanted to offer the training with an island-based organisation.

‘St John Ambulance did a great job, even designing a bespoke course in the care and handling of disabled passengers.’

Mrs McMahon continued: ‘The feedback we have received so far has been really positive. The attendees appreciated both the first aid and care and handling parts of the course.

‘The RTLC is always keen to raise standards of customer service and training of this kind is an important part of that.

Phil Bennett, superintendent at St John Ambulance, said: ‘It’s reassuring for the public to know that there are taxi operators out there who have taken the time to train their staff in the care for disabled passengers, as they can be frequent users of their services.’

The RTLC may be able to offer future courses for drivers of public vehicles such as taxis, care home minibuses or other organisations that carry passengers, explained Mrs McMahon:

‘There could be many other drivers out there who would benefit from this training. We hope we can offer more courses in future, subject to demand.’

For more information, or to express interest in future courses, email

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