Family Scotch whisky firm flying IoM flag around world

Margaret Lombard-Chibnall, founder and chairman of Lombard Scotch Whisky

Margaret Lombard-Chibnall, founder and chairman of Lombard Scotch Whisky

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A family Scotch whisky company based in the north of the island is spreading the word about the Isle of Man through its international presence.

Lombard Scotch Whisky bottles and distills premium whiskies at various places in Scotland but the busy headquarters is at Bourne House, College Street, Ramsey.

Richard Lombard-Chibnall, global brand director, travels the world on business but admits: ‘I have been to many countries but I have to say I always love returning to the Isle of Man.’

He works from the office with his mother Margaret, the founder and chairman of the business and they have several staff working there including export manager Julie Christian and Lynn Cross.

Mr Lombard-Chibnell admits they have remained somewhat low key over publicity in the island but he had just returned from a trip to Hong Kong with the international Cathay Pacific Gold Medal for a brand of whisky with Manx links which they called Ballaglass.

He said the Manx name ‘Ballaglass’, was chosen as a premium blend to reflect the island’s celtic heritage.

Another Lombard product which has proved popular has been another gaelic themed blended Scotch called Dhoon Glen.

The two whiskies were proving particuarly popular in China and the Far East, he said.

Mr Lombard-Chibnell said the family had never regretted making the move to set up its administrative base in the island in 1970.

He said the company has an established and enviable high profile for its lucrative whisky portfolio, primarily single cask, single malt.

The latest award is one of many that have been bestowed on Lombard. The walls of the company’s meeting room are full of framed certificates and awards.

Whisky publications have often sung the praises of the company and one magazine has given a string of editor’s choice awards.

‘We are a small company so anything that raises our profile boosts our USP - unique selling point,’ said Mr Lombard-Chibnall.

These are busy times. ‘The whisky market has gone stratospheric,’ he said.

The company produced for some years in the 1970s a special blended Scotch exclusively for the House of Commons at Westminster.

Mr Lombard-Chibnall said ‘unprecedented worldwide demand for whisky’ meant the company was helping to promote the island internationally. The company concentrates on its international sales abroad but Dhoon Glen and Ballaglass is available to locals at the nearby Ramsey pub The Trafalagar.

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