Faster speeds for mobile internet users on 4G launch

Mobile broadband users in the Isle of Man can enjoy faster speeds from today

Mobile broadband users in the Isle of Man can enjoy faster speeds from today

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Faster mobile broadband speeds are available from today, as Manx Telecom launches its 4G service.

Trials conducted by the firm indicate its customers will be able to use the new service to download a song, game or app in a few seconds compared to two or three minutes it might take on the current 3G service.

Manx Telecom chief executive officer Mike Dee said: ‘This is another first for Manx Telecom and we’re delighted to be able to offer this fantastic new technology to our customers. We’re also on track to deliver 95 per cent population coverage by the end of the summer, which means that the Isle of Man will be way ahead of 4G availability in the UK.

‘Our 4G licence commitment was to achieve a minimum of 33 per cent coverage at launch and 95 per cent two years after launch – but we know how much our customers love new technology, so right from the outset we were determined to exceed those initial commitments.

Our investment in a completely new mobile network, also offers a better experience and improved coverage for 2G and 3G. In summary, the launch of our 4G network is good news for us, our customers, and “Isle of Man plc”.’

Speaking last month, Sure’s chief operating officer Mike Phillips revealed his firm will be launching its 4G service in mid-November. He said: ‘4G tips the balance in favour of wireless for data network performance and within 12 months Isle of Man consumers will be able to cut their phone lines and use a high speed, mobile data network rather than the traditional wired broadband.’

Chief Minister Allan Bell MHK welcomed the move to 4G, adding that it would play a major part in maintaining the Isle of Man’s reputation as a world class international business centre. He said: ‘A world class telecoms infrastructure is always high on the list of priorities for inward investors, so it’s vitally important that the Isle of Man keeps pace with other leading jurisdictions by introducing 4G.’

Anyone wishing to find out more about 4G, but is unsure whether they need a new handset, SIM card or tariff, should visit

Cycling star Mark Cavendish is endorsing the new network in his role as a Manx Telecom 4G ambassador.

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