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LOCALS are being urged to support a renewed campaign to showcase everything the island has to offer.

Global Friends is an initiative that aims to promote a deeper understanding and awareness of the Isle of Man through an international community of people who feel a strong affinity to the island.

Chief Minister Allan Bell is calling on residents to encourage family, friends and business associates in the UK and further afield to get involved.

‘We are always keen to hear from people who wish to join our network of friends and support our efforts to highlight the Isle of Man’s many strengths,’ said Mr Bell. ‘The announcement of this initiative is particularly timely as we prepare to welcome thousands of international visitors for the 2012 TT Festival. We hope many of them will sign up as friends and keep up to speed with all the good things that are happening in the Isle of Man.’

He added: ‘The island has proved itself to be a major asset to the global community and has established a reputation as a well-regulated, responsible and co-operative nation.

‘We have a great story to tell and want to communicate to the widest possible audience that the Isle of Man is the best small country in the world to live, work, visit and do business.

‘Our Global Friends can encourage others to learn more about the modern Isle of Man, a progressive, forward-thinking nation with a dynamic economy and impressive quality of life. They can also help to debunk some of the tired old myths and misconceptions about the island that are trotted out from time to time. We are seeking your help: if you have family, friends or business contacts overseas who would be interested in joining the island’s network of friends, please ask them to sign up.

‘Global Friends are kept up to date with all the latest developments about the Isle of Man through newsletters, promotional literature and helpful information on a wide range of issues.’

People can register their details via the Chief Secretary’s Office website

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