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The importance of civil engineering in shaping the Isle of Man’s infrastructure is being highlighted.

‘This is Civil Engineering’ banners will be appearing at the sites of major projects to raise public awareness and encourage more people to consider a career in the industry.

The Department of Infrastructure is promoting the initiative in conjunction with the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Every time a person turns on a tap, switches on a light, flushes a toilet, catches a train or crosses a road they are benefiting from civil engineering.

Current projects include the regeneration of the Isle of Man’s main shopping areas, the refurbishment of Douglas promenades and a number of high-profile highway schemes.

Another recent example is the stabilisation of a section of road at Sulby Glen Road, carried out in conjunction with the department’s sub-contractor JCK Ltd.

Gary Saunders, construction manager at DoI’s highways services division, said: ‘The campaign is also helping to promote civil engineering as an exciting career for future generations and we would be pleased to help young people gain a deeper understanding of the industry.’

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