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ARTIST'S IMPRESSION: How the Claremont will look

ARTIST'S IMPRESSION: How the Claremont will look

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THE CLAREMONT Hotel has embarked upon phase two of a multi-million-pound refurbishment project.

Winner of the Company of the Year in the Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence, the refurbishment scheme is seen as cementing the four star establishment’s reputation.

The business community will also see it as a demonstration of its commitment to the island’s economic future.

Contrary to many in the UK’s tourism and hospitality sector at present, this further £1 million investment into Sleepwell Hotels’ flagship destination will see a complete structural and stylistic revision of The Claremont’s entrance, reception, lounge/bar and hotel lift in keeping with phase one of the long-term project.

The £2 million plus first phase saw the wholesale refurbishment of every one of the hotel’s rooms into cutting edge and stylish suites, and resulted in the conferral of a raft of awards over the course of 2012 including the UK Hotel Awards Highly Commended Hotel Interior, the Visit Isle of Man Silver Award, a Trip-Advisor Certificate of Excellence and then winner of the Isle of Man Newspapers Company of the Year.

A spokesman said that due for completion by this spring, phase two signifies a clear investment in The Claremont and the Isle of Man’s tourism and hospitality sector as a whole, placing a particular emphasis upon meeting the needs and expectations of the discerning business and leisure visitor that has been emerging in the island over recent years.

Mark Wilson, managing director of Sleepwell Hotels told Business News: ‘These are exciting times for The Claremont Hotel as we build upon last year’s achievements with the second phase of this multi-million pound development.

‘Through fostering a sustained commitment to cutting edge design and the latest technologies, we aim to continue on our clear vision to create the leading business class destination and positioning ourselves irrevocably at the pinnacle of the island’s premium hospitality culture.

‘It is important that we as an industry take responsibility for our reputation overseas and endeavour to lead the way in meeting the standards suggested by our economic status. As such, our guest facilities are unrivalled anywhere else in the island and I believe that an investment of this scale will secure The Claremont’s international acclaim well into the future.’

Sleepwell Hotels has enlisted the expertise of renowned Berlin based interior designers, Bernreider, Sieweke, Lagemann Architekten, to transform The Claremont’s reception and ground floor facilities into a premium lounge and meeting space.

Plans for implementation include the commissioning of a series of bespoke furnishings - including a brand new automated glass entrance, natural black granite flooring in both the restructured reception and lounge, brilliant and highlighted interior finishing and a series of luxury furnishings designed to accentuate the contemporary European open-plan interior.

Although sourced from destinations throughout the UK and Europe, structural and aesthetic alterations will be carried out via a prolonged investment in local craftsmen.

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